How to make tipped arrows minecraft

Using cauldron to make tipped arrows (Image via Minecraft) If the cauldron is one-third full, 16 arrows can be tipped. If it is two-thirds full, upto 32 arrows can be tipped.

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How to Craft Tipped Arrows in Minecraft – YouTube

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To craft the tipped arrows, surround the chosen potion bottle with regular arrows on a crafting table. This should convert the regular arrows into eight tipped arrows of the same potion effect.

Minecraft: A Guide To Tipped Arrows

Tipped Arrows can be crafted like any normal item in the crafting grid, by using: Any Lingering Potion + 8 Arrows. This produces 8 Tipped Arrows of the potion used.

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How to Make Tipped Arrows in Minecraft 1.18 – Java Edition Video Answer

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